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What if I told you, YOU are in control of creating the life you want.

Would you believe me?

Would you believe me if I told you your very own thinking could be the obstacle getting in your way?


Who is Ashley & WTF is she talking about?  

She's talking about You. As modern women, we are confronted everyday with an opportunity to make our own decisions. The problem is, we've been raised to believe that we had to accomplish certain life goals like marriage + family, specific careers, and maintain the beauty standards laid out for us. All of this challenges the core of who you are meant to be and what you really want. 

A Few Examples Maybe...

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Dressing Room Confessions is an intimate conversation about life; our relationships, careers, parenting, losses, fantasies, struggles, drugs working out, health, childhood- you name it- and how we've navigated our way through it, shared in an open, safe, non judgmental space.

I created this community after spending 10 years in the dressing room with each of you at my store Teddies for Bettys. I had the unique opportunity to listen and share with you all over the years; you would tell me your stories, secrets and more, sometimes before you'd told those closest to you. I became keenly aware that you did this because you felt alone or feared being judged. That we all feel alone until we share. You are not alone in this. We have all experienced life and it's struggles, and when we can find an open ear, heart or space to share, we can connect.

PODCAST : Dressing Room Confessions w/ Ashley Kelsch


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Here's what a few of my clients are saying...

"One afternoon last summer, in my Brooklyn apartment chatting about life and all of its' challenges, I decided I wanted to work with Ashley. I am a professional designer and co-own two companies that require a great deal of travel. Also, like Ashley, I place family, health and fitness as the top priorities in my life. Although I have been successful, I was vehemently aware of my shortcomings as a wife, friend, co-worker and business woman and was feeling sort of lost. Ashley's timing with her business trip was not an accident but exactly what I needed. We began working together almost immediately and I have been incredibly thankful for the improvements I've made in all areas of my life. The exercises we did together have become a regular part of my day. But more than that, Ashley's true gift is her way with people; her true understanding of them and innate ability to help you work through and find your own special qualities that actually help yourself. She's much much more than a therapist. The path isn't easy and requires work but that's why you see and feel improvement so quickly. If you want a couch and someone nodding at you with no real statements or realizations then Ashley isn't the right choice. But, if you want real change and improvement in your life, I highly recommend you start your journey with her and let the healing begin. "

Audra Canfield
Owner & Designer of Edge Quarters + Designer Fluff

"I wasn't sure exactly what to expect of working with Ashley, but it has been an incredibly helpful journey. She first recognized in me the desire to reach for something more and think outside the box and she validated that feeling. Her questions prompted me to think of myself and my goals in a light I hadn't considered before. Without judging, she was able to point out the ways in which I was holding myself back and directed me to change my mindset in a productive way. As with any relationship, the more I put into it the more I got out of it, but I owe so much to her perspective and questioning. She had a genuine enthusiasm for my goals long before I felt comfortable sharing them with anyone else and that enthusiasm and support propelled me forward. Yes it has been journey towards some professional goals, but I am forever thankful for the personal development I have experienced along the way."

Jessie Barnes
Voice and Founder of 'You Are Worth So Much More'

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