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Ashley m Kelsch has spent the last 20 years as an entrepreneur.

After spending 10 years in the dressing rooms of her lingerie store and listening to literally thousands of woman (and men) share their struggles, she realized that we all experience life's ups and downs and yet, feel completely isolated and alone when it's happening to us.


In 2017, Ashley pursued certification in life coaching and has spent the last 3 years learning and applying concepts that range from cognitively based to spiritually evolved.


The foundation of Ashley's work is guiding her clients through their minds, teaching them how to become more consciously aware and how to make choices from a clean and clear headspace. She believes in order to evolve, you have to shatter your belief systems and create new ones.


Ashley also hosts a podcast called, Modern Renegades - it's for those who are not interested in playing it safe and are ready to question everything they've been taught.


Each week she explores tools and concepts that inspire her listeners to ask, seek and feel. She opens up your mind to new ideas and beliefs that are not for the norm; They are for the Modern Renegade.  



You can experience peace of mind in the midst of a pandemic 

You are not alone in your thoughts about what's happening or going to happen or your feelings of anxiety, fear, confusion or uncertainty.


It’s okay to feel those things. To lean into that discomfort. 

You don’t have to resist or avoid feeling.

You are human.

I have a few little known practices that will provide you with relief.

You will be able to use these tools immediately.


During this time, I am offering a daily group coaching session to help free your mind from spinning out.


I will go over concepts and teach you how to use practices that will get you out of your mind.

You can request to be coached live 

and we can dive into what you're personally struggling with:


Your afraid to be alone

Kids are home from school

What about work and money

You feel guilty for thinking about your romance life 

Even if you don't want to personally be coached, you will benefit greatly from watching others.




 I will guide you back home... 

out of your mind and into your heart

A weekly dose of mental stimulation and inspiration hitting your inbox weekly, courtesy of moi. Sunday's are precious much like your time... I promise, it won't be wasted.


One afternoon last summer, in my Brooklyn apartment chatting about life and all of its' challenges, I decided I wanted to work with Ashley. I am a professional designer and co-own two companies that require a great deal of travel. Also, like Ashley, I place family, health and fitness as the top priorities in my life. Although I have been successful, I was vehemently aware of my shortcomings as a wife, friend, co-worker and business woman and was feeling sort of lost. Ashley's timing with her business trip was not an accident but exactly what I needed. We began working together almost immediately and I have been incredibly thankful for the improvements I've made in all areas of my life. The exercises we did together have become a regular part of my day. But more than that, Ashley's true gift is her way with people; her true understanding of them and innate ability to help you work through and find your own special qualities that actually help yourself. She's much much more than a therapist. The path isn't easy and requires work but that's why you see and feel improvement so quickly. If you want a couch and someone nodding at you with no real statements or realizations then Ashley isn't the right choice. But, if you want real change and improvement in your life, I highly recommend you start your journey with her and let the healing begin. 

Audra Canfield