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I was an overwhelmed, emotionally stressed out woman who was trying to attain a certain lifestyle while juggling kids, work, dating and all that life was throwing my way.


Then I was a woman who was totally burned out, asking 'is this it?' and feeling pretty shitty for thinking that way. 

Now I'm a woman who decides what she wants her life to look like and is making it happen.

(think Pretty Woman,

"I say Who! I say When!")


Now I work with high performing women who feel like they have it all, but are still unsatisfied.

You think; 

I've figured out my job, why can't I make a relationship happen. Am I going to be single forever?


 I have the house, the kids and the husband... what I really want is time to myself. Maybe an affair.


I'm so disciplined with about working out and eating, but I can't not drink wine every night. Do I have a drinking problem?

Everyone loves me. What's my daughter's problem? 

Sound familiar. Add to it the guilt or shame we feel for wanting more.

This is where I come in. 

I work with women like you. 

By work I mean Coach. Yes, I am a Life Coach! Certified through the Life Coach School with a masters in School of Hard Knocks. 

Something missing from your life? IF so, EMAIL me. This is my wheelhouse. Let's play.

What am I talking about? Anything and everything. Parenting teens. My personal journey with drinking and running. Death. The Wins & Fails of running a business. Sex. Meditation. Shit. I talk a lot of shit.

Tune into my podcast, Dressing Room Confessions, to hear one on one interviews and lessons on how to manage your mind. Subscribe to it. Give it some star on Apple. Send it to your friends. 

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Ready to admit that you want more AND not feel bad about it? 











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One afternoon last summer, in my Brooklyn apartment chatting about life and all of its' challenges, I decided I wanted to work with Ashley. I am a professional designer and co-own two companies that require a great deal of travel. Also, like Ashley, I place family, health and fitness as the top priorities in my life. Although I have been successful, I was vehemently aware of my shortcomings as a wife, friend, co-worker and business woman and was feeling sort of lost. Ashley's timing with her business trip was not an accident but exactly what I needed. We began working together almost immediately and I have been incredibly thankful for the improvements I've made in all areas of my life. The exercises we did together have become a regular part of my day. But more than that, Ashley's true gift is her way with people; her true understanding of them and innate ability to help you work through and find your own special qualities that actually help yourself. She's much much more than a therapist. The path isn't easy and requires work but that's why you see and feel improvement so quickly. If you want a couch and someone nodding at you with no real statements or realizations then Ashley isn't the right choice. But, if you want real change and improvement in your life, I highly recommend you start your journey with her and let the healing begin. 

Audra Canfield