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She's talking about YOU. As modern women, we are confronted everyday with an opportunity to make our own decisions. The problem is, we've been raised to believe that we had to accomplish certain life goals like marriage + family, specific careers, and maintain the beauty standards laid out for us. All of this challenges the core of who you are meant to be and what you really want.

a few examples may be...

You wanted to have kids and be able to work but you were told a mother should stay home. 

You never wanted kids and felt shame for even thinking that. You are after all a woman. Isn't that what your body was made to do?

Starting your own company. Who are you to do that? You should be grateful someone has hired you and pays you enough to live on. 

Realizing that what you want doesn't line up with what everyone has been telling you, can be difficult to process.

The volume on our inner voice/critic/committee will be screaming loud while everything at the core of you will want to resist. 


This is what it means to be a woman society has not raised to play it safe. 

In order to come into who you really are and are supposed to be, you must be ready to dig deep and get uncomfortable. 


I've always felt like an outsider to my family, friends and society. I couldn't explain it. Too pretentious for some. Seemingly fake to others. I've never been 'part of', but always on the 'fringes of'. 


Which conflicted with the ideas and opinions that most everyone else had of me. 

Trust me when I tell you, I've listened to my inner critic. My thoughts and lack of self awareness around them have dictated decades of self defeating decision making. I've let the ideas and best practices of everyone around me influence my decision making.


Ending up twice divorced by 31 and flat on my face is a tiny example of this.


It is not an overnight process, but one that will be life long. Everyday I choose  to own who I am, be willing to change and remain open to society not approving.

It's a daily choice that I'm no longer willing to compromise; Not just for myself, but for you.

So you too can see what is possible. 


The way in which I am able to do this is Mental Fitness. You read that right. I've started looking at my life and it's circumstances and taking all the drama out of it and focusing on the facts. All that drama? That's all the noise from my inner voice telling me what others think and what I 'should' think wrapped up perfectly in self doubt, fear and shame.


I began asking myself, 'do I want to feel that way?' 'what would I need to think to feel differently?'

This work combined with accountability has been transformational, to say the least.


The ways in which I now approach my everyday circumstances is a 180 compared to before and has allowed for me to truly BE the woman I am. 

It requires the practice of awareness around your thoughts. 


It requires you to not only apply the process, but PRACTICE it. Every. Damn. Day. 


Let me take you there.


I can show you the way.