Power Hour Session

You're having a mental emergency and your brain won't stop spinning out on thoughts like:

  *I can't figure out why he hasn't called or texted...?

I thought everything was going good.

  *My ex-husband cannot for the life of him, remember the kids schedule.

Will he ever grow up and start being a dad? 

  *Why do I feel like I have to drink wine every night?

I'm scared I might have a problem.

  *Our sex is just meh.

I don't think he's attracted to me. 

  *I'm so overwhelmed.

I'm responsible for everyone and everything with no one to rely on.


You don't want to call your girlfriends and you're over telling your therapist that this really isn't about your mom & dad.

But you know if you don't spill the tea, you will sit in your car and cry.

By yourself.

While your kids wonder where you are with dinner. 

Let me be your 4-11.


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I will try to put in to words how helpful, insightful, inspiring and just plain fantastic Ashley was to me over a short hour long coaching session.

Ashley truly gets how intense the human experience is. Filled with love, connection, compassion, laughter and some hard learned facts.

She was ready to help me look at several experiences without judgement, see what I had learned, how I grew, and reminded me what I know in my heart.

Do yourself a favor and  try her once, I promise you will be hooked! Uncover hidden beliefs, self doubt

and road blocks you may have while gaining the wisdom from this incredibly brilliant lady.

You’ll be glad you did. 

Lezlie G