The Self Satisfied Woman 


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We all experience life and it’s struggles. 

The difference is how we get through those times and not get stuck in self doubt, insecurity and fear. 

Let’s find the meaning in the struggle, not the shortcut.

I’m like you. 

I've struggled with my role as a woman, mother, my role in relationships, my career, 

and a lot of  “is this it?” 

I have often felt like a bystander in my own life.

I have found myself giving up my own power- only to be resentful to others.

I’ve found myself wanting a different life. 


 I’ve questioned ‘who am I’ more times than I care to admit. 


I’ve been physically and mentally depleted more than once in my life. I’ve had times that I couldn’t mentally motivate and when I woke up in the mornings, I immediately started thinking about the minute I could get back in bed. 



I tried dealing with life by way of just about every self-harming coping mechanism there is- Anything that kept me from feeling, processing, and accepting the choices I made to land me where I was. 


I also tried about every positive coping mechanism I could think of from bubble baths and yoga to psychic’s and shaman’s. And despite some initial relief, I was still stuck with “me” - and desperate to feel anything but. 

Here's What I Know...

  • Brand Building + Strategy

  • Your Mission + Vision Statement

  • Coaching (like it or not, we ALWAYS need coaching) 

  • Social Media Management + Strategy

  • Customer Experience

  • Experiential + Customer Service

  • Product Placement + Merchandising

  • Marketing

When I said that there were ‘some ugly years, but I made it through them’ , I wasn’t just implying work economics or growth pains. I’m talking about that combined with life; divorces, death, moving, raising kids, personal growth pains.


How we react to life is how we show up in all areas- I had to learn to respond to life so that I could show up and keep moving forward. The reality is things never get easier no matter how long you are in business or how old you are.


You have to learn to pivot. Which means you have to keep your mind on track.

Do you feel like you don’t even know where to start? Or maybe you feel that you are already in too deep…

It doesn’t matter where you are - connect with me here and find out how we can partner together.