Episode #10 Rachel Dickson confesses, "my becoming a mother is a different story than most''

In Rachel’s words, her becoming a mother is a different story than most. She became a mother over night to her boyfriends almost 2 1/2 year old son when his mother was killed in a boating accident.

She speaks rawly about the moment she made the conscious decision to choose to stay by Michael and Harrison’s side, about the difficulty of watching her partner grieve an ex, and also how losing her brother to suicide a year before was something she was able to make meaningful because it gave her the empathy and understanding to support those around her who were affected by the loss of Jen. 

Rachel shares with us the steps she and her family took to grieve and process- from a play therapist to writing a children's book about loss.

If you are interested in play therapy for your children, Rachel is happy to recommend local sources in austin Tx. She also recommends the nurtured heart approach. For more recommendations you can reach out to Rachel on her instagram and she will happily refer you to her network.