Episode 3: Dressing Room Confessions w/ Kara Marie

Today I talk with Kara Marie Trombetta of Kara Marie Studios. We touch on how she has grown her work over the years by way of several channels while being a mom and wife- and just HOW she pulls it off. SPOILER ALERT- She ends up working herself into the hospital. We find out from Kara about her autoimmune disease and the changes she's had to make for her and her family. 



A photographer for the modern woman, Kara Marie has commanded the camera

professionally for over a decade. She has made it her life’s work to advocate

female individualism and self-love through her career as a photographer and

educator. With impactful black and white photographs as her medium of choice,

Kara’s work has celebrated thousands of extraordinary women over the years.

A practical “minimalist”, Kara Marie uses natural light and intentional shadow to

honor the female form while simultaneously giving women permission to rejoice in

themselves exactly as they are in any given moment. More importantly, Kara

believes that a photo shoot should be an uplifting first-class customer service

experience that builds confidence before her clients even lay eyes on their images.

Her understated, monochromatic style is world-renowned for both its beauty and

its honesty in capturing the soul of the woman in front of the camera.

Kara Marie Trombetta is headquartered in Austin, TX where she operates two

successful photography studios and is currently in the process of publishing her

first book. Beyond the studio, she is the mother of two boys, a wife to her high

school sweetheart, an avid traveler, and a food enthusiast. 

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