You may have noticed, 

I'm big on the concept that our thoughts create our feelings and that we get to choose those thoughts.

It's not only true, but it's incredibly powerful.

I'm going to show you how to have agency in your own life the same way I've learned.

Gone are the days your ex makes you want to pull your hair out,


that you avoid looking at your bank account,


that you break down at the dinner table because your kids just. won't. stop.


 More gone are the days that you let your boss/ job/ employees run you. 


It will feel less overwhelming. It will be less stressful.


YOU will stop being a bystander in your life and start creating your life.  


Trust me. It's not all glitter and sunshine and cupcakes over here.


It's 50% good and 50% bad, but for the first time, I know life isn't happening TO me. 


It's really not that personal. 

Sound Crazy?

Seem impossible?


Maybe too simple?


I get it.

You struggle with thoughts like;


Is This It?


I Thought my life would look differently than it does by the time I...

{insert feeling: shame}

I love my family, but I gave up a piece of myself to be a mom and have no idea who I am anymore...

{insert feeling: guilt}

I want to build something new or try something else, but I don't even know where to start...

{insert feeling: insecure}

Thoughts like these can create feelings of having ZERO power in your life. Want to know how I know?


Because not only have I been there, I've found myself there multiple times. I'm going to let you in on a secret...

I struggled too.
Just like you, I  wanted to find out not only who I was, but what I wanted for myself; Not what I'd been told to want or what others needed/wanted from me. 
A small example of this was my mindset around my business, Teddies for Bettys. I'd spin out in every direction thinking:
My customers count on me not only for physical support, but emotional. 
My employees need me so they can pay their rent.
My kids & I are counting on my business to live.
Sound familiar?
I was showing up for everyone else, because "I had too".
Or so I kept telling myself... 

It was a knock down struggle until I finally learned that I was responsible for my situation. (by knock down struggle I mean an emotional roller coaster that lasted for years. me in a constant state of indecision and confusion)


Once I tuned into my thoughts and saw how they were driving my FEELINGS which were driving my ACTIONS my world turned upside down. 


My thoughts went from:


I have to support everyone's needs to I want to support myself 

I'm responsible for my employees to I'm only responsible for myself

My kids and I are counting on this to I have other options.

And those my friends, were just the bridge thoughts (more on that later). My thinking is far more empowering now. 


I've gone from life is happening to me to I'm in control of creating the life I want. I'm no longer victimized or disempowered by my thinking. 


This took WORK and continues to take work everyday- but the payoff is worth it.


You are worth it.  


Let's find the meaning behind your struggle, not the shortcut.


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